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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Drizz maxx - Support cognitive, cardiovascular and heart health.

Drizz Maxx Nitric Oxide ́s dietary supplement help support improved Nitric Oxide levels linked to Cardiovascular health. This supplement provides the dietary nitrates found in plants, as well as vitamins, to help support Nitric Oxide levels, cardiovascular health and overall health and vitality. The supplement delivers a serving of dietary nitrates similar to a large green salad. Your body will then convert to nitrite in the mouth and stomach, and finally Nitric Oxide which may help maintain normal healthy blood pressure levels.

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Drizz Maxx is the most potent, efficient and bioavailable L-arginine based product on the market today. Optimum Absorption and utilization of high-quality nutrients is the key to a safe and effective Dietary Supplement. “You Are What You Eat, digest and Absorb”.

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Drizz Maxx uses an advanced form of L-arginine named Nitrosignine® is a 100% pharmaceutical grade L-arginine and Silica. You get all the endotheli-al-lining support and vasodilation properties of arginine plus a number benefits from silica), such as more arginine stability, bioavailability and absorption.

Drizz maxx Tri-action Nitric Oxide Formula

Furthermore, silica will serve as a transport medium for arginine, making it directly available at the cellular levels for optimal synthesis. Silica also binds to toxic ammonia in muscle cells, in the liver, and in the brain, thereby converting ammonia into glutamic acid improving glutamine levels and assisting in elimination of toxic ammonia from the body. Lastly, as a Krebs Cycle intermediate, Nitrosignine® improves VO2 Max and energy metabolism in muscle cells and is consequently a potent ergogenic.


Nitric Oxide (NO) is a molecular, chemical compound naturally produced by our bodies. Nobel Prize winning research shows that NO plays an essential role in our cardiovascular health.

NO promotes dilation of the arteries so blood can move throughout the body, and it helps prevent red blood cells from sticking together, which can create blockages. A healthy level of NO can reduce blood pressure and increase oxygen in the blood flow.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading global cause of death and poor heart health is a risk factor for other dangerous health conditions.